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program design and engineering,

resource mobilization and execution

stems from a combination of three core skills: management , creativity and technology

At the core, Noryan designs, implements and manages critical programs that have impact and relevance. We deliver solutions that matter.


We combine technology, creativity and management consultancy to create our company’s nucleus

— Noryan TriCore.  This is what we call Noryan TRI-Core. At the heart of our business is the need to provide simple solutions to complex problems. The Noryan TRI-Core formula allows us to tackle matters that most organizations struggle to provide solutions for.


At Noryan, we believe in creating mass-impact project that are challenging in nature but produce attractive and rewarding results. At Noryan, we believe in projects that have a mass impact; such projects are usually challenging in nature and are attractive to us. In other words, without innovation or complex problem solving, then there’s simply no challenge for us. at Noryan, we seek to create a positive and lasting impact through projects that challenge us.


Program design, implementation, and management are key to almost every project we deliver. Management has always been an integral part of Noryan’s DNA and always will be regardless if the service we offer is intended for the defense and security market or for a commercial consumer.


At its core, Noryan is all about innovation and creativity. Our most valuable skill is our ability to conceptualize unique ideas and bring them to reality. Virtually all of our ideas aim to solve potentially complex problems.


At Noryan, our dedicated team of software professionals develop and deliver a diverse range of customized tools, creating end-to-end solutions for the next generation of government and business users

  • Advanced General Systems (AGS)

    As a critical strand of our company, AGS technical capabilities directly impact the Noryan TriCore.  AGS creates robust systems that provide holistic solutions for customers by innovating solutions aided by complex problem solving, technical expertise and implementing its patented technologies, all whilst enhancing the scope of clients’ demand. We don’t just create software solutions, we create environments that enhance productivity and provide state-of-the-art results. Our systems have affected not only our client’s success but also the atmosphere they supply to, saving lives, preserving history and providing an immense foundation for structuring the future of our country.

  • Noryan Security & Defence

    Noryan's Security & Defence (S&D) devision prides itself on providing initiatives to solving complex situations. Generally, when it comes to the security and defence for the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government deals with companies in the form of standard contracts. Noryan explores issues the government faces and provides a heavy hitting complete solution to every mission involving security & defence. Our might shows in every sector of S&D, as we supply the most advanced military equipment and enhance the already existing military facilities with software, hardware and decision support systems. Many operators within the military have to make quick but calculated decisions when considering the defence of our country. We provide a boxed solution that is easy to use and can assist any officer in carrying out their role efficiently and effectively, covering sectors such as, combat performance enhancement, innovative military setup and deployment systems and accurate visual threat monitoring and quick deployment solutions.

  • Mennheim Associates

    Mennheim Associates (MA) is a trusted counselor and a program implementer to many of the GCC’s most influential businesses and governmental entities. MA differentiates itself by deploying robust implementation capabilities over its top-tier management consulting skills, supported by extensive network of strong partners from GCC.

    MA provides advisory and implementation services in corporate finance (e.g. due diligence), procurement, strategy and PMO across multiple industries (e.g. aviation, retail, financial services, defense, real estate).

    MA’s key competitive advantage lies in the ability to rapidly design a high-impact program, promptly mobilize resources and precisely implement the designed program in cooperation with the client, ensuring a transfer of knowledge.


    Finding Jobs, Changing Lives

    Through our joint venture with MAXIMUS Gulf , our team of experienced professionals has additional resources and is dedicated to helping people overcome personal and professional barriers and connecting them with meaningful employment. Through long-term sustainable employment, we put people on a path to self-sufficiency and improve their lives. We have managed a broad range of welfare-to-work and related employment and training programs to deliver positive outcomes for job seekers, employers and governments alike.


Past Projects


Rapid medical field hospital deployment: At Noryan, we consider this capability to be a perfect reflection of what we are about – changing and saving lives. Our rapid deployment of medical facilities has provided state of the art solutions in some of the most remote locations on earth. With the use of integrated mobile facilities and system related systems we have mobilized and assembled medical facilities in areas of the world and with speed that would be virtually impossible under normal circumstances.


The Sahir traffic violation-processing program (TVP ArcRunner) provides an impactful solution to KSA’s growing traffic violation problems. The watchful eyes of Sahir have made the streets of Saudi Arabia safer for everyone, directly reducing the frequency of accidents and their costs. All at once, the program showed tangible results in reducing traffic violations.

TVP ArcRunner’s ability to process over 160,000 violations a day ensures a high level of accuracy in capturing violators. By providing on-point image capturing and tracking secondary data, the tracking system enables a single system with the capacity to gather all elements required providing an accurate violation process. Additionally, TVP ArcRunner uses innovative tools created by our outstanding developers to catch drivers trying to hide their identities and cheat the system, which enables law-enforcement, directly affects the way the public drives and ultimately saves countless lives.



Late in the year 2000, our team was tasked with the design, implementation, and management of a fully robust digital news platform for a global multilingual broadcaster.

The project encompassed the development of a fully integrated CMS and publishing engine that allowed reporters, editors, and writers to compose, review, and publish stories and other forms of multimedia content seamlessly. The team was also responsible for setting up and managing state of the art physical cloud infrastructure across multiple physical locations globally. In addition to the technical success of the platform, our team was also responsible for the launch of all the other elements of the project including but not limited to managing editorial operations, hiring staff, and handing over the team as a fully functional operation unit in under 24 months. Over the years, the platform has expanded to become one of the leading news platforms and centers for global information.


Um Al Qura is a digital platform that is designed to audit, record, and digitalize information on considerably the most valuable real estate in the world in — Makkah. This city’s history reaches back over 1,000 years. The Um Al Qura digital platform integrates Makkah’s historic value to a knowledge base with a property development and management system that will oversee deed management, ownership transfers, and trace and monitor the evolution of each part of the 5 kilometer stretch of land as the city is modernized to support over 30 million visitors annually from around the world.

Um Al Qura’s system has effectively and efficiently plotted and enabled the audit of the city’s location, which allowed for hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of future developmental space, later becoming the asset of a publicly traded company with tens of thousands of owners and multi-generational trusts. The system required a scheme and approach that carefully allocated the assets of the deeds with accuracy whilst also building a platform that could allow the preservation of each owners rights across time.

New Frontiers


The security and defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is critical to the region and the world. Noryan’s involvement in several high-impact initiatives for the Kingdom’s military are intended to support the efficient and rapid mobilization of assets and technologies across the Kingdom’s borders and beyond. Through an expansive set of planned programs, we will support command and control as well as decision support throughout all divisions of the Royal Saudi Armed Forces 24/7/365 on land, in the air, and at sea.


Much of the world still does not have access to power, let alone safe and affordable power and clean water. With the help of brilliant scientists, cutting edge technologies and government support, Noryan is working with globally renowned specialists and scientists on solutions that will deliver virtually unlimited power to the masses. We believe that what we are working on will be a create a new frontier of providing safe and sustainable power. With the ability to have unlimited safe power, the efficient mass desalination of sea water becomes a reality without harming the environment.


Noryan, together with its partners, currently develops independent commercial digital platform incubators. The primary focus area of these incubators is providing globally scalable end-to-end digital platforms, where Noryan can deliver best-in-class offerings, utilizing its existing capabilities and technical know-how. As we approach the third-wave of the digitized era, Noryan now works on new marketplace models and social apps that will build, as well as support next generation businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe with new financing possibilities. These models and apps will also provide methods of constructing and launching products with the purpose of addressing basic human needs in a rapidly evolving digital world.


Noryan strongly believes that a penny saved is a penny earned. Together with our partners, we are undertaking several initiatives that aim to deploy cost optimization tools for all levels of government. These tools will create a Cost structure and processes optimization results in generation and/or preservation of financial resources that can be unitized to foster the growth of the country and create substantial positive wealth-being for citizens.


Basem Namatallah

Chief Financial Officer

Basem has over eighteen years of leadership experience in the financial management and the financial auditing...

Hashim Alzain

Chief Operating Officer

Bachelor Degree in Accounting

King Abdul Al-Aziz University, Jeddah, July 1995...

Maher Mofti

Group Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of experience in the management of government and corporate affairs including...

Alaa Abdrabbo

Dubai Office Director

With over 20 years' work experience in operations and customer relations in the banking sector Alaa is a ...

Muammer Alireza


Mr. Alireza is the co-founder and Chairman of Noryan Corporation as well as the co-founder of Quantum ...

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